Pro Cabinet partnered with a select few companies whose reputation in the industry has been validated by several features in the media, its positive reviews for durability and sustainability. For over a decade, each and every customer who has purchased and installed our cabinets has been satisfied by how transformative the new cabinets have made their home.

Pro Cabinets opened their doors in 2001 and since then, have built a network with professional licensed contractors in central CT. Cabinets ordered by Pro Cabinets have shown to be lower than our competitor’s market and comes with our promise to live up to your standards. Since we work directly with our suppliers, wait times are never long from the moment an order is placed to the cabinets nailed onto the walls of your space. Our competitive pricing has our clients return project after project with dimensions that are converted to 3D designs for their customers. Our customer support team is always here to answer your questions seven days a week and plan on being there for you from start to finish.

Pro Cabinet offers cabinets out of the box, complete with instructions, or completely assembled and ready for you to install delivered right to your door. We provide a range of cabinet quality from starter cabinetry design to high quality, classic designs that will fit in any era.

Our cabinetry also caters to independent contractors looking for high-quality affordable cabinets for their clients. Pass the specs of the room’s layout design to us and we will select the best set of cabinets for the budget. At Pro Cabinets, we cater to your needs, your specification and guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us for more questions, view our products, or submit the specs to your room(s) for cabinets.